Anger issues


How have educators used inner explorer to help students with anger issues?


Hi Peaceful,

The Inner Explorer programs, through daily 5-10 minute mindfulness practices, cultivate the ability to respond vs. react, which helps students with anger issues. Probably the best way to share with you how powerful mindfulness practices can be is through an experience a teacher shared with us recently. A teacher at Emma E Booker Elementary in Sarasota, a 98 percent free lunch school, offered feedback that the Inner Explorer provides a very effective means of handling his students’ anger. A 4th grade boy in his school shared a few days ago that another student in the cafeteria tried to grab his neck and push him. He said in the past he would have just punched him and now because of IE, he took a few breathes, considered the consequences and got an adult to help.

Very powerful! So, not only did this 4th grade boy have the ability to respond to the situation appropriately, he was also able to reflect on how he handled the situation and feel good about it.

We will have a video clip of this story shortly and I will be sure to circle back and post it. Please feel free to reach out to me or continue the conversation on this thread for the benefit of others.

With warmth,