Arriving recently in Shikoku again, soon to begin the 88 temple pilgrimage route


The sense of the air has a calm welcome feeling now, even as the edge of the season is beginning to shift. In quiet reflection and a slow unfolding of the time, it is a special chance I am thankful to meet.

In Tokushima now, staying near Temple one for a few days, adjusting to time and place. Soon going forward, step by step, day by day.

88 Temples.
88 Landscapes.
88 Winds.

Between changing speeds and stillness.

An inquiry to place, environment, and walking meditation.

Soon, going forward.

Also, to share again here, the basic of my introductory profile:

I am an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, and choreographer making work within quotidian spaces, theaters, galleries, and for camera.

Also, I am artistic director for Tableau Stations, a visual and movement based arts platform engaging local and global questions of place.

Ongoing, it is work in the area of travel, absence, inversion, and how to open a map through collaboration and experimentation.

Ongoing and unfolding.
Day by day.


Just joined Hemera community and happy to find another creative who has walked 88 Temple Pilgrimage! How was your experience Isak? I loved the diversity of landscapes, regional culture and people and of course the highlights were the temples themselves! I walked The Camino with a Mexican theatre company and we created a play giving our audience a mini Camino experience performed in Mexico City over 6 months that I acted in. I had plans to do something similar on 88 Temple Pilgrimage but it didn’t happen. Did you create something from your experience? I recently did a short film about the Fukushima crisis and am currently developing a film script set in Japan and hope to integrate all my experiences living, working and travelling there. Love the country, it’s people and culture. Good luck with your work Isak! Lee


Bravo! Take care. I hope to go to Shikoku with my heart sutra
Amitiés from a Swiss calligraphist woman