Artist Programs at the Art Monastery


Hello there!
I’m so glad to become part of this online community of people who seem to be interested in just the same stuff I’m interested in. I’d like to invite you all to come and meet the Artmonks in southern Vermont. We’ve got a variety of programs this summer as well as artist residencies.

Artmonk Retreat - weeklong silent meditation retreat aimed at creativity
July 14-20

Silent Art Residency - weeklong time & space for creatives to make together in silence
July 22-27

Wild&Well - weekend retreat to rejuvenate and reconnect you
August 9-12

Heart Mind: Art & Zen - weeklong silent retreat looking to the Heart Sutra for inspiration on the cushion and with the paintbrush in hand
August 19-24

Come and visit us!
2315 Connecticut River Road, Springfield, Vermont 05156


Thank you for sharing the Artmonks program with the Hemera community. It looks like a great series of programs, and Vermont is such a wonderful place for contemplative exploration. I’ll pass your info to other artists and enthusiasts! Warm wishes, Carrie


Thank you so much, Carrie. :slight_smile: