Beginning my journey


Greetings! I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for about 3 years and look forward to deepening my practice and sharing it with children. I currently work in the schools and I’m looking forward to learning more about Inner Explorer!


Hi Heidi,
Thanks for the note and wonderful that you’re looking for ways to share mindfulness with kids! I am happy to answer any questions and share details about the program.

One of the most important aspects of our program is that it provides teachers and school staff with the chance to practice each day, along with the students! As you probably know, this is unique in education. Typically, the teachers are teaching the material, or at the least, trying to navigate an app to find a relevant practice for students. Our program provides a sequence of practices that follow the MBSR format (beginning with concrete focused awareness practices and moving towards more abstract open awareness practices). With the daily practice series, students begin to experience and embody mindfulness and teachers are able to deepen their own practice. This increases the likelihood that teachers will be able to bring mindfulness into more aspects of their teaching throughout the day. It’s a virtuous cycle :slight_smile:

Teachers consistently tell us that practicing with IE is their favorite time of the day, especially because it requires no prep or planning. Also, depending where you live, we are collaborating with regional teacher training organizations so that if you’d like more guidance as to how to integrate more practices into the classroom, they can provide additional in-school support. Pease let me know if you have any specific questions.

With warmth, Laura


Hello Laura,
Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. It was wonderful hearing from you.

I discovered Inner Explorer after looking into the Hemera Foundation to find a retreat to deepen my personal meditation practice.

Our work is very much aligned! I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Children’s Yoga teacher working to bring mindfulness to teachers and children in North Dakota. I’m finding it is quite an uphill battle to get this into the schools being so few have heard of it. And those that have heard of it consider it somewhat “new agey” or “progressive”. My training has been with Mindful Schools and I am looking at becoming certified as an MBSR teacher.

A few schools have invited me in and love it! I also incorporate Growth Mindset to my work and I have seen such positive results with the kids and classrooms I have worked with. As you know, kids are under so much stress and come from all different backgrounds. When kids are stressed, they can’t learn. I want to change that by leveling the playing field to offer mindfulness tools so these kids are ready to learn each day.

Mindfulness meditation has had such a profound impact on my life that I know my calling is to share this with others, specifically children and teachers. I know on a very deep level that this practice and this work can change the culture of schools, communities, and the world!

I would love more information on how I could work with Inner Explorer. I’m not asking for a job (but are you hiring?!) I would love to join an organization whose vision aligns with my own. I am currently working independently. Please let me know if you would be open to a deeper discussion or if you can offer some insight into how I could offer Inner Explorer to kids in my area. :slight_smile:

With deep gratitude,


Hi Heidi,
thanks for the note and the additional information. I would love to talk in more detail about your work. Please feel free to reach out directly at and we can set up time to talk. THANKS!!