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There are so many great programs and curricula that are rooted in mindful practices for schools. I’m interested in those supported by research and data as my district is very data driven. Inner explorer will be an ideal resource for me to compare with a few others and see which is the best fit.
Can you give me an idea of the results some schools have had with Inner Explorer?
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Hi Alex,

Isn’t it wonderful that there are such valuable resources available for mindfulness practice in schools? I am so happy that you are interested in exploring what might work best for you and your school. Inner Explorer was developed to meet the needs of both teachers and students so that both could practice together for 5-10 minutes a day without requiring teacher preparation or curriculum. The narrators are diverse and 90 unique tracks provide a variety and depth of practice, grounded in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction protocol as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. We understand that teachers have so many demands on their time and want them to experience the benefits of a daily practice. So we created the programs to make it as effortless as possible to incorporate mindfulness into the classroom. Teachers report a 43 percent decrease in stress.

The IE programs help students develop a daily mindful awareness practice, instilling the possibility of a lifelong habit. The programs have a positive impact on academic outcomes including 18-28% higher scores in reading, math and science and a 7-15% improvement in overall GPA, with longer times producing greater effects.

I’ve included some research here in the post and will follow up with more via email.

Inner Explorer Research Summary-3 studies.pdf (511.7 KB)
Bakosh Houlihan 2015 Maximizing Mindful Learning.pdf (267.5 KB)

Please feel free to continue the discussion here.

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Hi Lisa,
Thank you for the links regarding research on mindfulness in schools.
I do not seem to have access to the Inner Explorer curriculum though. Can
you give me an idea of where to

locate the IE programs? I’ve posted in the discussion group and I thought
I would be sent a link to access


Thanks for any help you can lend here.



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Hi Alexandra,

I sent you an email to get you started. Feel free to respond directly to that email.