Dharma and Art Course: https://www.bcbsdharma.org/yearlong-programs/dharma-and-art/


How do we open and awaken perception to live in a more creative way?
How do we habituate perception and suppress our creativity?
How do the teachings of the Dharma enable and inform our unique ways of perceiving and creating?

Dharma and Art: A Practice of Investigating Perception

This course brings together practitioners of the arts and the Dharma to investigate perception, where the two practices naturally converge. The ways we create our world, our art, and ourselves is deeply personal and directly related to our perceptual habits. Based in the teachings of early Buddhism, in dialogue with other Buddhist schools, we will intimately examine these habits; recognize both the obstacles and the potential in perception; question the intentions and agency of art-making; and discover new ways of perceiving and transforming our internal and external worlds.

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Lead Facilitators: Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia and Rosalyn Driscoll

Supporting Faculty: Various, including Stephen Batchelor, Kristin Jones

Mentors: Roshi Pat O’Hara, Julie Püttgen & Sherre DeLys,


This looks great, but the timing is not right for me in June. I am going to ask to be added to the email list for next year’s program.