Educational Mindfulness


Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a new 5th grade elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, Ca. Personally I have began my own journey/ practice of mindfulness through yoga and meditation for 2 years. There is a need in the classroom to teach compassion and empathy in our school site. Our school district has the highest percentage of student who are in foster care, homelessness and etc. Several obstacles that many of our students face make behavior issues and disinterest in school my top of my priority, I believe mindfulness would be a great accent to my students. Being new to education the resource of having a daily program for my students would greatly improve my classroom environment. The Contemplative Practices I would like to implement are practices of stillness, deep thought, increasing attention, yoga, reflection, self- observation, and resources to build school community between students to peers and students to myself. My meditation has been a gift that I now would like to share with my students.

Nicole Reece