Gratitude in Maine


I work in an Alternative Education setting with students who are at-risk of leaving school without a diploma. The students enter this program with a variety of issues that interfere with their success in a more traditional education setting. My dog, Dharma, and I live in a little house in the woods of Maine where I practice gratitude and everyday. My mindfulness practice involves attending various meditation teachings and groups, along with a regular solo practice. Life is a gift… each day brings new and delightful adventures… I am in the process of starting a non-profit organization to fund education for students in Belize.


beautiful Janet, what an inspiration you are! Good luck with your organization to help students in Belize!!


Hi Janet! I recently moved to Maine and am interested in building a network here. Do you, perchance, work at the REAL School or Bayside? I’d love to hear more.



Good morning, Erica,
I work at a public high school in Gray, Maine and the Alternative program is woven into the mainstream (with mixed results). I have been involved in Alternative Education in a variety of settings for about 25 years! Perhaps too long? Anyhow, I do have some contacts for mindful connections if you are interested… AND I am an avid Bernie Sanders supporter.
Feel free to contact me at