Hello from Laura at Inner Explorer

Hi All,
I came to contemplative practices about 23 years ago as a way to reduce the stress of work and travel. About 5 years ago, I formed a non profit called “Inner Explorer” to help educators provide daily practices to their students. Our audio-guided programs (4 age levels) are available for K-12 classrooms and in fact, are part of Hemera Foundations offering to individuals who post a new topic in the education category of this community forum. We have the programming running in nearly 700 classrooms.

Teachers participate with their students in the daily practices and repeatedly tell us it’s their favorite time of the day! Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

By the way, I grew up in the Boston area, spent a few years in San Francisco, then nearly 20 years in a small town outside of Chicago before moving a year ago to Sarasota FL.

Hope to “meet” many of you in this forum!

Hello, My name is Billy. I’ve been trying to bring mindfulness to my classroom for the past 3 years. Just using experiences from my own practice that apply to my grade level, 1-3. I’m looking forward to using inner explorer. Any advise?

Hi Billy,
Thank you so much for the note and great that you’re already bringing mindfulness to your students through your practice! Inner Explorer can be a nice complement to your work because it can give you a way to implement a mini sitting practice every day. You can also use the practices in the series as an opening for further discussion (if you want to and/or have time).

The 2 key things that we really encourage are:

  1. Use it every day (at the same time if possible). This helps the kids get used to the practice and makes it easier to maintain through the inevitable push back period (where they begin to really experience their inner landscape and can feel uncomfortable, as you know).
  2. That you, their teacher, fully practice with them each day. We remind teachers that with this program, there is no prep, no planning and no assessment needed. We encourage you to close your eyes and engage in the practice. If some students aren’t fully participating on a day, it’s ok, they will come along in time. When they see their teacher engaged, it gives them permission to follow.

Please let me know if you have any questions or other thoughts. Also, to receive the program, you need to post a new topic in the education section on this site. From there, we can get you started very quickly. We look forward to working with you and hearing how it goes! With warmth, Laura

Hi Billy,

I just want to highlight Laura’s last point in her message, that you can receive a free inner explorer program by posting a new topic within the Education category about your teaching and/or meditation experience. I’ll be in touch with you about how to claim the offer once you do this.