Hi I'm Micah // Potter // Zen // Education


So pleased to know of the Hemera foundation’s existence. It is heartening and nourishing to be in community with others living towards unifying art/life/practice.

I am three years out of college, where I created my major in “Creativity & Consciousness,” studying and personally engaging in art & contemplative practice. I have been working for the past several years for the Prison Mindfulness Institute, a nonprofit working to bring mindfulness into prison. I have been making pottery and teaching at a community art studio on the side, and just this month moved to Western North Carolina to make a go of doing art full time.

I am interested in the transformational ability of art education, and the contemplative nature of studio art practice. I love to make, to sit, and to drink tea. I am new to the Hemera community site, and look forward to exploring it!


Welcome to the forum Micah! Feel free to begin conversations in the Art and/or Education categories.

I appreciate the work you’re doing with Prison Mindfulness Institute. And “Creativity & Consciousness” sounds like an incredibly potent and exciting focus. It would be great if that were a more common major at colleges and universities…