Hi, my name is Will Rogers


Many thanks to everyone who’s holding this place together. I’m only just beginning to get oriented, and there’s such a sure-handed feeling of warmth and care here. It feels great!

Here are two things about me:

  • I make ambient videos, silent videos meant to help you direct your attention toward whatever you want, eg your thoughts/feelings, a dance party, or cleaning your room
  • I write and perform poetry, poems that make sense to people who don’t think of themselves as people who enjoy poetry

I grew up in Texas and live in the Bay Area, and I heard about Hemera through the Vermont Studio Center. I’m excited to share ideas and resources with people who are practicing art through mindfulness and vice versa.


Hi Will,

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for introducing yourself and sharing your videos and poetry. I appreciate the invitation during the videos for the viewers to have many different types of experiences.

I hope you are enjoying your experiences today