Inner Explorer- Automated Daily Mindfulness Practices for K-12 Classrooms


Hi All,
This section is offered to provide information and answer questions about the Inner Explorer (IE) Program. Below are the highlights. As you know Hemera has offered to provide our program to individuals who post a new topic in the Education section of the forum. So far, 15 educators have taken advantage of the offer. Once they have used the IE program for a few weeks, we’ll report on their progress. We look forward to working with more of you :slightly_smiling: Laura


Hi there,
I"m a teacher in Vancouver B.C working in an alternate high school program for inner city youth. I have recently started offering a meditation and mindfulness class at our school and it has been received fairly well. I’ve just begun so am looking for ways to promote meditation to teenagers and then how to teach it in ways that can relate to and resonate with teens. I am interested in looking at the Inner Explorer program and possibly offering it at our school. I’m so grateful to be on this forum and to have this resource to share and learn from.


Hi Rino,

I am so glad you posted and have a desire to teach mindfulness in a relatable way so that it resonates with the teens at your school. More research is being done on mindfulness and its benefits with adolescents, especially with regard to education. If you are interested in our Research Abstract Summary, please feel free to email me at

We use diverse narrators on all our programs and pay a great deal of attention to language and content so that it is age appropriate and relevant. JusTme narrates on our High School tracks and we have received very positive feedback from the students.

If you email me at, I can get you started on your license. Once I hear from you, the process is very simple and you will be able to use the program in a few days.

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Hi, Lisa!
I was very excited to read your posts. I am currently facilitating mindfulness sessions for small groups of high school students in our alternative high school. I am looking for guided meditations that include content and are narrated by a voice that appeals to this age group. It sounds like this program is exactly what I am looking for! Thanks so much for offering it! How do I access it?
Wishing you a happy day!


Hi Deb,

I am glad you are excited! Yes, it sounds as if our program is definitely what you are looking to bring to your students. I know you’ve read the other posts, so you’ve learned that JusTme narrates on our high school program. Having guided mindfulness practice not only makes it easy for teachers to incorporate mindfulness into their daily curriculum, but also allows them to practice along. They get the value of decreased stress and at the same time model doing a daily mindfulness practice for their students. Embodied teachings provide a much richer and more authentic experience. I know you will be facilitating small group sessions. We can discuss getting other teachers involved in your school as well.

All you need to do now is email me at lgrady@innerexplorer.og. and we’ll proceed from there. Its very simple and we should have you up and running this week. I will let Dan Halpern of Hemera know that you will be taking advantage of their generous gift of a year license.

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Hi Laura, I’m interested in the inner explorer practices. I recently attended a wonderful retreat with Sharon Salzburg and Holistic Life Foundation (Baltimore City Schools). Some great ideas were discussed there and I’d like to gather many resources in order to put together an introduction to mindfulness in our district. The inner explorer looks like it has many that are ready to implement and I Iook forward to reviewing the program.
Thank you and Hemera for the opportunity!


Hi Alex,

I am so happy to hear you attended a wonderful retreat and are interested in more resources on mindfulness to introduce to your district. Would you please create a new topic in the Education category about a personally meaningful question or experience you had in regards to your contemplative or teaching practice? The intention of our partnership with Hemera is to work together to create a dynamic community of educators discussing contemplative practices in education so licenses are offered when a new topic is created.

Once you have posted, we will get you started with a license. I will be reaching out to you to get more information.

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Regional Director of Program Development and Outreach
Inner Explorer