Inner Explorer Curriculum


I am very interested in the Inner Explorer program to use with my social work students in the classrooms and group that I use. I think it will also benefit me as I strive for a work/life balance! Thank you!


Hi Mia,

Thanks for joining the forum! Our promotion offering subscriptions to Inner Explorer is no longer in effect, but you can explore their website at the above link.

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Hi Mia,

Thank you for your interest in Inner Explorer. I would love to hear more about the work you are doing and am happy to speak with you about how our program can benefit both you and your students.

I agree with your sense that mindfulness practices promote work/life balance and now, there is substantial evidence to back that up. You might be interested in Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson’s 's new book, “Altered Traits” where they provide the scientific basis for why mindfulness practices done with fidelity are so effective.

Please feel free to email me at so that I can determine how to best support you and your work.

With warmth,


Thanks anyway. I look forward to exploring the website more. Thank you!