Institutionalization of mindfulness, apps, residential retreat



I’m Amy and have been teaching mindfulness (with varying degrees of consistency) to my high school students for a few years now. I actually learned about Hemera from Will Kabat Zinn’s sangha in Berkeley yesterday!

A few interests:

  • I find that the profusion of meditation apps has appealed to kids and motivated them for home practice. I’m curious about what Inner Explorer contributes to this space.

  • There is interest at my school re: research findings on mindfulness in education, so I’m interested in learning more about how to promote the institutionalization of mindfulness.

  • Finally, for myself, nothing benefits a home practice like residential retreat, and it’s been about 12 years since I’ve had an opportunity to sit a residential retreat.

Grateful to have found this group!

~ Amy


Hi Amy,

I am glad you found Hemera and Inner Explorer! We do have a mobile app that for now is primarily best for home use. There are 7-10 tracks that are free to use. More are available with a paid subscription. Teachers have access to our entire program on the app and can use our parent/caregiver opt-in feature to invite parents to listen along with students (recordings are available for 24 hours). There are some advantages to using our programs on our platform, e.g. the desktop panel is easier to navigate.

You could always use our program in the classroom with its 90 unique tracks, diverse narrators (including JusTme), training resources, etc. and then your students could access the free 7-10 tracks for at home practice or purchase the full program.

If you are using Inner Explorer regularly in the classroom and parents opt-in, we offer a complimentary Home Edition for the summer to those families so that they may continue their practice over the summer and it also forms a wonderful bridge from school to home.

With regard to research, I have posted links to studies highlighting the benefits of mindfulness in education on other posts recently. Feel free to check them out so you can also see what other teachers are discussing around mindfulness in their classroom. I can also send you a research summary of abstracts specifically as the studies relate to education. While many studies have shown the numerous benefits for adults (and its likely these results extend to younger populations) with regard to stress reduction, well-being, cognitive function, etc. fewer have been done with children. In recent years, due to the heightened interest in mindfulness in education more studies have been initiated with regard to children and as such, are the focus of our research summary.

I will email you to follow up on the studies and to speak further about a year subscription through the generosity of Hemera.

With warmth,