Interested in Inner Explorer for My School


@Dan_Halpern, I am brand new to this community, and I am hoping there might be a free program still available. I couldn’t seem to follow your instructions: "Once you’re logged in, inside the Education category, click the “+ New Topic"button at the top right of the screen and create a new topic about a personally significant question or experience you have had in regards to contemplative practice.” (I couldn’t reply directly to your post, either). The + key didn’t work in the major Education Category, but it works here, so I’m posting my classroom experience here hoping it will suffice.

Here it is:

Recently, I had a student approach me in our mindfulness class and explain how she’s not very good in Language Arts. She went on to explain how she did a mindful breathing technique to “stay present” during a review test and she beamed as she told me she earned a 100! Good stuff!


Hi Cathy,

Welcome to the community! Yes, posting in any subcategory within the main Education category qualifies you for a free Inner Explorer program. Someone from Inner Explorer will be in touch with you soon to give you your program.

The title of your post sounds like you’re interested in the program for your whole school. Any colleagues of yours who post in the Education section of this community can also receive an Inner Explorer program for their classes.

It’s wonderful that you have a mindfulness class in your school! What does that look like?


Hi Cathy,

I just joined Inner Explorer as their Regional Director after serving on their Board, and I wanted to check in with you as we’ve made significant changes to our platform in response to teacher and student feedback and would love to extend your license at no charge. We made these changes to further support our teachers’ efforts to bring mindfulness practices to the classroom. All you have to do is press 'Play" and practice along with your students. Teachers report a 43% decrease in stress. I would love to connect with you off the forum. You can email me at


I am interested in trying Explorer in my music classroom with elementary students.
How would I try the program?


Hi Monique,

Thanks for posting on the forum! You will be connected with your Inner Explorer subscription through email.



Hi Monique,

I received your response to my email so we are in the process of getting you all set up. We are excited for you to use Inner Explorer with your students. Our studies show that in addition to teachers reporting a 43% decrease in their stress, students experience higher grades, fewer behavioral issues, and a 35% increase in compassion, resilience and overall sense of well-being. I will continue to connect with you via email and support you as you become familiar with our program, but it really is as simple as pressing ‘Play" each day. The challenge, of course, is committing to a daily practice. However, we find that those teachers who practice for 30 plus days continue to use it as they discover that the time saved by the students’ increased focus and attention (not to mention all the benefits of a committed mindfulness practice) more than makes up for the 5-10 minutes a day.

If you know of other teachers who might like to offer Inner Explorer in their classrooms, just ask them to post on the forum and we will get them set up with their program at no charge through Hemera’s generosity.

Warmest regards,


interested in inner explorer. hello! please let me know how i might receive a link for the program!


Hi Carla,

Thanks for joining the forum! To receive a subscription to Inner Explorer, please create a new topic about a personally significant question or experience you have had in regards to contemplative practice and/or education, and we will be in touch via email to confirm details about your subscription.



I’d be in interested learning how to work with students who are emotionally withdrawn and how mindful practices could help them.


I think that’s a great inquiry, and others on this forum may have some ideas about it. Please click the “+ New Topic” button at the top right of this page to begin a conversation around that, and to be eligible to receive a subscription to Inner Explorer.

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