Introduction - Hi!


I’m an artist, acoustic stimulation researcher, sound engineer and inventor currently advancing a new sound-induced meditation technology I call Fractal Entrainment and offering practitioner support to those who are into technology-assisted meditation. As a Yin-Yang Yoga student, I am also fairly used to non-assisted practice (which I also love) and feel deeply inspired by contemplation, which feeds both my inner work and artistic practice (mainly photography, sound-art and poetry). Dreamwork and the Enneagram are also amongst the most used in my spiritual toolbox :slight_smile:

After nearly a decade living in the UK, I moved back to a village in the North of Spain where I currently live with my partner, 5 dogs and 5 cats. So happy to have found you. If you’d like to know more, you can visit my profile here… Please bare with me while I become familiar with the site !


Hi Javi! Welcome to the space! Thanks for joining the conversations! Let me know if you have any questions getting used to this forum.


Hi Dan,

Thank you !

Looking forward to more :slight_smile: