Meditation Space


I meditate most often by a shrine in my home. I also greatly enjoy sitting beside a local creek, with my eyes open in a soft gaze watching the water pass by like thoughts… (I’ve done the same practice with traffic, but I don’t enjoy it as much as the water, which might be a good reason to do it more.)

Where do you practice? Do you sit with a local group at a center? Do you have a meditation space where you live? Do you prefer sitting in nature? Or do you regularly meditate on the train or bus?


the entire movement of life does seem a meditation
though these scraps came together to form an altar at chaNorth where i am currently surrounded by vast open space

I thus have hundreds of acres of undeveloped forest to share, as I find a new place to meditate in the forest every day

I still have room in July and September to accept full session and short stay residents:

… there is a fee because there is no funding from the organization that owns the property. The fee goes into the stocked kitchens, prepared meals, cleaning, transport, and group outings including yoga, hikes, ZMM service, and dance, art, and film in surrounding communities. I’m just a caretaker and thus happy to share anything I’ve come to know


more and more, i like to sit in nature to meditate. I remember a teacher I heard, and his words really stuck with me, he spoke about observing nature if you have any questions about life, and watching the way it moves. I think this sparked my interest in being still in nature and also asking questions to nature while I meditate. this has been really healing for my process. I also recite mantras throughout the day.


My Meditation Takes Place Beside A Just Pond.


Where I meditate depends upon which practice I’m doing… Somatic descent happens inside any quiet, private, still room. Sontaneous meditative experiences most often occur outside, surrounded by nature, which usually is what inspired iit anyway. Deliberate medtitation of moving into the body and presence occurs wherever it must, regardless of environment. A teacher once shard with us the skill of making the carwash and mariachi music across the street from the sangha a part of our practice!


exactly the same for me, the place where i meditate depends on which practice i’m doing. but i loved some of your ideas, thinking about trying it lately. generally i’m a very intersted in health and meditation.


Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I have just applied to attend a month-long retreat at the Zen Buddist retreat center in NY for spring.
For some time now, my main meditation practice takes place while creating my art. I listen often to binaural beats, meditation music and practice breathing in synchronicity with the paintbrush, and other actions while creating. More recently I have been listening to Wayne Dyers “I Am” meditation with headphones at night before bed. This has been very powerful.