Mindfulness and Sound


Do you have experience with using mindful listening as a tool for becoming more awake and aware in the moment?
Completing research for PhD on topic of “Sound Refuge:” how exploring sounds as they arise can be used as a form of mindfulness practice.
If you know of resources, have experience or simply are interested in the topic feel free to email me. Much Metta. This indeed is a fascinating topic and appreciate your help. Tomji


Hi Tomji,

I’m working toward an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, within which my focus is a contemplative approach to art. My personal practice focuses on music, (which includes experimentation with sound. I have been ruminating about how I might extend my research into a PhD and became inspired at your post. I imagine you’ve heard of Pauline Oliveros, (who just passed on in November)? She has a book on her work ‘Deep Listening’. She was a practitioner of meditation and karate.

Let me know if you have any hints for someone aspiring toward this ilk of PhD work. My running question at the moment is if I might be able to keep the bulk of my work practice-based within a PhD, (I am much more of an engaged artist than an academic). Also, what University you are working with…





Are you familiar with brainwave entrainment ? I am an artist, researcher and developer with extensive experience using sound as a mindfulness tool. I also help people navigate their inner landscapes as they become acquainted with the use of sound-induced meditation tools, as it often creates the space for unprocessed material to bubble up.

How can I email you ? Sorry I’ve just created this account and I’m a bit lost in this new space. I have been to your profile but can’t see any email…

Looking forward to know more about your PhD and help in any way I can !


Hi Javi:
Sent you a note in another way, just to say thanks and lets stay in touch.
In Chiang Mai Thailand to concentrate on completing the dissertation. Much
to share. USA expat most likely to return in next year. Relate to your
vision, though attempting to scrape off all the layers that may make simply
listening to sound mindfully difficult. Best Tomji


Hi Tomji nice to hear from you !

All the best with your dissertation, if you need anything I can help with,
here I am