Mindfulness en Español


Hola! es un gusto compartir con ustedes. Somos el Nodo de Aprendizaje Socio-Emocional NASE (www.nase.cl) ubicado en Santiago de Chile. Formamos a profesores en aprendizaje socio-emocional y mindfulness. Nos ha ido muy bien, ganamos el 2do lugar del III Concurso de Innovación Pedagógica de la Universidad Andrés Bello en Chile. Estaremos encantados de conversar con quienes lo deseen. Un abrazo! contacto@nase.cl

Hi! it is a pleasure to be here with you all. We are the Social Emotional Learning HUB (NASE, www.nase.cl) located in Santiago - Chile. We train teachers in SEL and Mindfulness. It has been a good time for us, for example, we won the 2nd place of the III Innovative Pedagogy Contest of the Universidad Andres Bello in Chile. We will be glad to talk to you. A big hug! contacto@nase.cl


Hi Yael, We’d love to connect with you. We have been working on Spanish translation of our mindfulness program. Maybe you would be interested to try it in one of the schools you work with? It should be ready in January for PreK and Elementary, then we will have Middle and High School versions by summer. With warmth, Laura


Hi Laura, yes of course! I’m interested. Thank you for your offer. You can contact me when the translation is ready. Thanks and happy end of the year!


Yes, I’ll reach out then and Happy end of year to you as well!!


HI Yael,
I’m not sure if we ever closed the loop with you? We do have Spanish Language programming available now in our Preschool-Kindergarten version and the Elementary version. The Middle School version will be complete this fall. High School maybe by Spring. Please let me know if you have any questions. With warmth, Laura