Public School Practices: Inner Explorer Program for Young People

The Mental Health Association of Columbia-Green Counties runs a program as a preventative youth and family wellness initiative at Catskill Elementary School called the Catskill Kids Club.

With classes including nutrition, sewing, board games, homework help, et al; I teach two yoga classes (k-2, and 3-5). I am interested in the Inner Explorer Program, as it is fairly consistent at the beginning of class that 6-9 year old children proclaim how stressed out they are by life, and that they just want to go to sleep.

Ok-- so we have 5 minutes of rest after 40-45 minutes of yoga play, and that involves me singing in low light to a room full of mat rolled little bodies-- this week 8 distinct songs were requested so it went long; which was great for them, it seemed.

With the little ones, one child remembered that last week I said, “let’s be puddles,” as it had rained for two solid days. He said, “that was funny” - and I said, ok, “now this week send down your roots and let’s be plants. Patient sleeping plants, as it’s not quite time yet to sprout, but soon!”

Silence. Followed by “gribbet!,” and then he and another child became frogs amidst all of us… softly leaping over the burrito rolled resting kids for a very long stretch, eventually landing in my lap exhausted.

It’s true, I said, “animals do not always rest at the same time.”

Thank you Hemera for this forum. I am interested in the_ Inner Explorer_ program to help guide the meditation aspects of working with these kids, but I don’t know how to make a new topic within “Education” as the button is ‘grayed out’ for me.

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Thanks for sharing that story Scrap, it’s really lovely.

And this is a topic within the education category! I’ll be following up with you through email re: your free Inner Explorer program.