Receive a Free Inner Explorer Program [UPDATE: ALL FREE PROGRAMS HAVE BEEN AWARDED]


In celebration of launching the Hemera Community Forum, we’ve partnered with Inner Explorer to give away free one-year subscriptions to the Inner Explorer Classroom Kit, a mindfulness-based audio program designed for daily use in the classroom.

To receive a free Inner Explorer program, first sign up for the forum. Once you’re logged in, inside the Education category, click the “+ New Topic” button at the top right of the screen and create a new topic about a personally significant question or experience you have had in regards to contemplative practice. We’ll be in touch with you to confirm your subscription after you create a new topic within the Education category.

Click here to learn more about Inner Explorer

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Just followed these instructions & hoping the offer still stands. <3


Hi Amy,

Thanks for being part of the forum! Yes, the offer still stands. I have sent you an email with more details about starting up with inner Explorer.

All the best,


All free Inner Explorer programs have been offered. Thanks to those who have participated in this promotion.

We encourage you to explore Inner Explorer to learn how it can support your classroom atmosphere, your students, and your self.

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