retreat - a. the act or process of withdrawing esp. from something hazardous or unpleasant; n. a place affording peace quiet, privacy or security; a period of withdrawal for meditation, prayer and study. - American Heritage College Dictionary (1997)


Moby Thesaurus words for “retreat”:

 Jim Crow, abandon, abandonment, abscond, adytum, alcove, almshouse,
 apartheid, apartness, arbor, ascend, ashram, asylum, avoid,
 avoidance, back, back down, back out, balance, bank,
 beat a retreat, blench, blink, bolt-hole, bow out, bower, bowl,
 cabinet, cache, cant, capitulation, careen, catabasis, cell,
 cession, climb, climb down, cloister, closet, collapse,
 concealment, conservatory, corner, cover, covert, coverture,
 cranny, crash, cringe, cubby, cubbyhole, cup, dark corner, debate,
 decamp, decampment, deceleration, declension, decline,
 decline and fall, decrescendo, deliberate, demur, den, depart,
 departure, descend, detachment, die away, diminish, diminuendo,
 dip, disappear, disengage, disengagement, dish, dive, dodge,
 downtrend, downturn, draw back, draw off, drift away, drop, duck,
 dugout, dwindle, dwindling, ebb, egress, escape, evacuate,
 evacuation, evade, evasion, exit, exodus, fade, fade away, fall,
 fall away, fall back, fall off, fallback, falter, fear, flee,
 flight, flinch, fly, foster home, foxhole, funk hole, gazebo,
 getaway, give, give back, give ground, give place, giving in,
 giving over, giving up, glasshouse, go, go away, go back,
 go downhill, go uphill, going, grade, greenhouse, halfway house,
 hang back, harbor, harborage, haven, hegira, hem and haw,
 hermitage, hesitate, hideaway, hideout, hidey hole, hiding,
 hiding place, hole, hollow, holy of holies, home, hospice,
 hospitium, hover, hum and haw, incline, incurve, isolation,
 isolationism, ivory tower, jib, keel, kiosk, lair, lapse,
 lathhouse, lean, leave, leaving, list, lose ground, mew, move away,
 move back, move off, niche, nook, nursing home, orphanage, parting,
 passing, pause, pergola, pitch, plunge, ponder, poor farm,
 poorhouse, port, privacy, privatism, privatization, pull away,
 pull back, pull out, pullback, pullout, quail, quarantine, quit,
 rake, recede, recedence, receding, recess, recession, reclusion,
 recoil, reculade, reel back, refuge, relinquishment, remission,
 removal, remove, renunciation, resort, rest home, retire,
 retirement, retract, retractation, retractility, retraction,
 retrocede, retrocedence, retrograde, rise, run away, run back,
 rustication, sanctuary, sanctum, sanctum sanctorum, scruple,
 seclusion, secrecy, secret place, segregation, separation,
 sequestration, sheer off, shelter, shelve, shilly-shally, shrink,
 shrink back, shy, sidestep, sidestepping, sidle, sink, slant,
 slope, slowdown, slump, solitude, splendid isolation, stand back,
 stand off, start aside, start back, stash, stick at, stickle,
 stop to consider, straddle the fence, strain at, subsidence,
 summerhouse, surrender, swag, sway, swerve, take flight,
 think twice about, tilt, tip, turn aside, turn tail, undercovert,
 uprise, vacate, vanish, walkout, wane, weasel, weasel out,
 widen the distance, wince, withdraw, withdrawal, withdrawment,
 workhouse, yield.