Sustainable Compassion for Educators: Summer Workshop

The Courage of Care Coalition is hosting its first Summer Workshop for Educators from July 11th - 14th in Northampton, MA.

The Summer Workshop is an opportunity for educators to learn the basic theory and practice of our Sustainable Compassionate Education Training Program.

The Sustainable Compassionate Education program trains teachers in the theory and practice of compassion. We provide a flexible framework centered around three modes of care - receiving care, self care and extending care. Our program builds upon the best practices from the fields of social emotional learning and mindfulness in education. We are committed to empowering educators to create and sustain caring, compassionate classrooms, schools and communities in which they and their students feel seen, cared for, and supported.

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Chrissy Colón Bradt, MA
Education Director
Courage of Care Coalition

Sustainable Compassionate Education: Summer Workshop for Educators
July 11 - 14, 2016
Smith College Campus School | 33 Prospect Street | Northampton, MA 01063

This workshop is an opportunity for participants to learn the basic theory and practice of our Sustainable Compassionate Education program. As educators we are naturally inclined to extend care to others, yet rarely are we taught how to do so in a sustainable way. Our Summer Workshop for Educators will introduce participants to the theory and practice of Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT).

The program, led by Chrissy Colón Bradt, Brooke D. Lavelle, Robbie Murphy and Pamela Seigle, is designed both for individual educators as well as school teams wishing to integrate this work into their personal and professional lives. This summer workshop also provides an opportunity for educators to connect with, get inspired by and learn from other teachers engaged in this work.

During the workshop participants will:

  • learn the science of mindfulness, empathy, emotion and burnout

  • explore the science and practices of SCT’s three modes of care - receiving care, self care and extending care

  • learn strategies and practices of building and sustaining a compassion focused school community

There are no prerequisites for this course. Those new to contemplative practice as well as those with experience are welcome. The summer workshop provides a great foundation for our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) course.

About the Presenters:

Workshop faculty were all co-developers of the Call to Care program at the Mind and Life Institute.

Chrissy Colòn Bradt, M.S.Ed., is an Education Consultant to the Mind and Life Institute, and the Education Director at the Courage of Care Coalition.

Brooke D. Lavelle, Ph.D., is the Senior Education Consultant to the Mind and Life Institute, Co-Founder and President of the Courage of Care Coalition, and an education consultant to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

Robbie Murphy, M.S.Ed., is a Supervising Teacher at the Smith College Campus School and has taught elementary school in both public and private settings for over 20 years.

Pamela Seigle, M.A. is the Executive Director of Courage & Renewal Northeast, co-leader of the Leading Together Initiative, and the founder of the Open Circle® Program.

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