Visual Art and Creativity: Contemplation Exercises for High School


Hello. I am a Visual Artist, and a high school teacher. I have been practicing mindfulness for 5 years. I am interested in introducing mindfulness and contemplation to my visual art students. I teach at an inner city adult alternative school. My classroom is an open studio, and my students work independently on projects towards their art credits. My students range in age from 16-72 and have many severe issues to deal with. I foster a peaceful, supportive and compassionate learning environment and my room is an inclusive and welcoming space which I believe will support more overtly mindful activities.


Wow what a great place to teach and practice. I’m also a high school special ed teacher at a continuation school do we face some of the same challenges. Check out Mindful Schools dot org for ideas. Good luck !


Micky, I’m a visual artist practicing Tibetan Buddhist meditation for decades. My abstract contemplative work is all about visual dharma based on meditation practice. Discovering the natural state of mind, exploring our thoughts and emotions that conceal that recognition. Here is my website Perhaps we could talk sometime about what you are doing…Thank you, Hildy


Thank you. Yes, I have seen that. Peace to you.