Welcome and Information


Welcome to The Hemera Community Forum. This public forum is intended to be a safe space to discuss contemplative practices and resources, specifically in the fields of art, education, and health care. To join in the conversations, simply sign up for a free account.

Please note: the ideas and opinions expressed on this site do not represent The Hemera Foundation. See below for more information about Hemera.


Ultimately, this forum is kept organized by its users: you! To keep it organized, it will be helpful to understand the initial set-up.


The forum is organized into five categories:

  • About The Hemera Community Forum: where you can get to know how to use this site and ask questions about using this forum.
  • General Site-Related Feedback: where you can let the administrators know how the website is working and/or not working, any categories you would like to see created, any technical difficulties that arise, etc.
  • Art: where artists can discuss their creative and contemplative practices.
  • Education: where those working in education can discuss their professional and contemplative practices.
  • Health Care: where health care professionals can discuss their professional and contemplative practices.

There are also subcategories relating to specific areas of discussion, such as Meditation and Retreats, Arts Practice, Organization / Staff Mindfulness, and many others. (If you would like to see a new subcategory, please let an administrator know!)


Within categories are topics, where conversations happen. For instance, a conversation about meditation groups for educators in western Massachusetts would be a specific topic within the category Education, subcategory Local Groups. A conversation about a specific photography technique should be a specific topic within the category Art, subcategory Arts Practice.


From Topic to Category

When you’re in a topic, if you would like to return to the category in which the topic is posted in, look to the top of the screen and click on the name of the category. The category will be in smaller font underneath the name of the topic, which will be written in larger font. There will also be a vertical color bar to the left of the category name. For example, if you want to return to the category of this topic, on the top of this screen, click on About The Hemera Community Forum underneath the name of this topic, “Welcome and Information.”

Moving Between Categories

When you’re in the main category’s page, to view a different category, click on the category you are in in the top left of the screen, and a drop down menu of other categories will appear. If you want to view other subcategories in the Art or Education main categories, the subcategories will appear to the right of the main category, and you can navigate the subcategories the same way you would navigate other main categories.

Back to the Home Page

To go back to the home page where all the categories are listed, just scroll up and click on the “Hemera Foundation” logo at the very top of the page.

Searching for Conversations

If you would like to start a conversation, check to see if the conversation already exists somewhere, and join it there! Start by looking in what category and subcategory the conversation might be in, then look for a topic that addresses what you’re interested in. You can also search the entire site by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right of website. If there is no topic, please start the conversation.

Creating Conversations

Any registered user can create a topic in any category or subcategory. To register, click the “Sign Up” button at the top of the forum. To try to keep the website as organized as possible, only administrators can create categories and subcategories. If you would like to see a new category or subcategory on the forum, please let the administrators know by posting a new topic in the General Site-Related Feedback category.

After you have signed up for the forum, to post a new topic, click the “+ New Topic” button on the top right of the screen. Choose what category you’d like to post to using the drop down menu at the top right of the New Topic window.

General Guidelines

To keep conversations alive and inspiring, please read these wonderful guidelines.

One of my personal favorite things to avoid in any forum are ad hominem attacks: responding to ideas by attacking a person’s character, rather than to the content of their arguments. These comments tend to shut down conversations, instead of opening them up, and simply won’t be tolerated on this forum. If you’d like to assert an idea or opinion, please do so, and explain why, without asserting that anyone who thinks otherwise is somehow lesser.

About The Hemera Foundation

The Hemera Foundation funds innovative organizations and initiatives that foster basic human goodness in individuals and society. Hemera currently working in the fields of art, contemplative practice, and early childhood development.

If you have specific questions about The Hemera Foundation’s programming, please look over our website, www.hemera.org, and address any remaining questions to tendingspace@hemeraregnant.org in regards to fellowships for artists and fellowships@hemeraregnant.org in regards to fellowships for educators.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading! Thanks for participating! Please use and enjoy this forum. Our sincere hope is that it will foster a greater sense of community among all who visit this site, and that all of the discussions and resources posted here may inspire others to live in authenticity with their selves and our shared world, for the benefit of all.