What are the benefits of inner explorer?


I would like to try inner explorer with my children at home and my students at school


I am so happy to hear you are interested in our Inner Explorer program for both home and school. With regard to your questions about the benefits of our program, I will answer here briefly but am happy to have a more extensive conversation as well.

In schools, our research shows the following:

Students achieved 7-15% higher GPA’s overall
Students achieved 10-28% higher grades in reading, math and science.
Students had 60% fewer discipline problems
Teachers experienced a 43% reduction in stress and reported a greater sense of efficacy.

Mindfulness practices support social emotional learning both at school and at home. When children learn to be mindful in their lives, they have the opportunity to reduce stress, and stay connected to their own inner knowing in the present moment. These practices promote overall health and well-being.

We offer both a Home Edition as well as programs Pre-K-12. Our program includes 90 unique tracks with diverse narrators and takes 5-1o minutes per day depending on grade level. No prep. No curriculum required. So, you get to practice along with your students. We also offer a Parent/Caregiver opt-in to bridge family and home and allows caregivers to follow along with their children.

Because you posted on the forum, you are entitled to a year subscription for your classroom through Hemera’s generosity.

Please feel free to email me and we’ll get you set up.

With warmth,

Lisa Grady


HI there
Yes thank you
I am looking forward to starting this program with my semester 2 classes. That begins in February.
For now I plan to do some mindfulness training over the holiday break
Merry Christmas and happy holidays’
Christine :slight_smile:


Hi Christine,

Please feel free to check your email as I sent you an email regarding setting up your subscription. It’s very simple.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday practice posted on our home page at (http://www.innerexplorer.org). I look forward to supporting you and your classroom in the New Year!

With warmth,