Wonderwell 2015 Artists Retreats


Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in New Hampshire is hosting two meditation retreats specifically for Artists.

Miraculous Expression, June 18 - June 21:

In this 4-day exploration Hojin Osho and Lama Samten will offer opportunities to enter deeply into creative practice. The natural environment of Wonderwell’s forest and fields along with the sky and mountains will figure prominently within the process. Instruction in zazen meditation and yoga will also be offered as support for joining with the creative source.

The Art of Consciousness, August 4 - August 9:

This six-day retreat has been curated for those who identify as artists by profession. Combining the monastic styles of the East and the West, performance artist and meditation teacher Ernesto Pujol will wisely guide participants in “The Art of Consciousness” through an experience of the self and no-self. An ideal retreat for creative practitioners who have prior experience with individual and group silence, as well as those willing to enter the contemplative process through the agency of deep presence. The retreat will oscillate between periods of solitude and group practice. An environment of intimate direct experience will be offered with minimal didactic instruction, seeking transformations.


I am looking forward to attending the Art of Consciousness retreat in August. I participated in the Miraculous Expressions retreat last summer and found the setting and the people quite wonderful. I have looked up Ernesto Pujol’s work and I am excited to share his insights and experience of art and meditation.