Young america


they call me scrap

ह्‌ोीा् ोूसोलो टूसोलोस लोूसोलोस ोनोेो्ोबाू
ोूसोगनो पबोूसोलद वोल्पही
ोूसोगनो ीगजही ोूसोलोप

my interest is in communities and individuals whom are willing to surrender identities
because we long to know the Self luminous throughout the universe

but this conditioning runs so deep, that most interactions in this age have been limited
by the brain’s desire to further itself as an individual
and thus we remain lost in comparative conflicts
even though we are all It


i relate to what you have written here. what do the sanskrit words say?


Uddared ātmanā ‘tmānam

One should uplift by the self the self;

Nātmānam avasādayet

Not the self one should degrade.

ātmāiva hyātmano bandhur

the self indeed of the self a friend

ātmāiva ripur ātmanah

the self alone enemy of the self


thank You for this medicine phrase, “not the self one should degrade”. need this medicine now


you are most welcome.

if we can realize that both the outward manifestation of lived reality and our ‘selves’ within it is actually one continuous organism having and projecting individualized experiences – so to learn of unconditional love and clear up karmic patterns from the past – then there is no need for separation from that intelligent Self, and therefore nothing to degrade.

when the watched forgets itself, does the watcher lose its edges?