Zen Mountain Monastery 2015 Artist Retreats


Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, New York is hosting a retreat for artists called Miraculous Expression: Creative Process Intensive from July 7 - July 12.

From their website:

To help undo the web of knowing that constricts our heart and mind, and that pressures us to yield to a certain result, we will begin by getting to know our materials and encountering non-technical forms of expression. Supported by deep self-study through zazen, the daily schedule, liturgy, and a week of intensive art practice, we will discover the continuous opportunity to release our grasp and thinking about our experience. By practicing letting go of the purpose or goal of our efforts, we contact the complete wonder of life—becoming not less, but more, of who we truly are.


Miraculous Expression with Hojin Osho is a gift beyond words

I am forever grateful for the chance to have participated in Zen Arts month at ZMM in 2014


I cannot recommend more highly, the workshops with Hojin and Pat Steir.